Finance Manager

At Hickory, we don’t believe in standing still, for over three decades we have continually invested in researching and developing systems and products to improve the way we build. Our philosophy is ‘MADE for LIFE’ – it’s a commitment we honour, each day. Everything we do and everything we build is ‘MADE for LIFE.’ Whether it’s refining our patented, prefabricated building products, developing more efficient and sustainable construction practices, or bringing expertise inhouse to supply critical components, we always believe there is a better way. As a result, Hickory have become one of the most diverse property companies in Australia.


The Finance Manager focuses on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, bank reconciliation and procurement.  Their primary purpose is to ensure accurate financial record-keeping, streamline financial processes and adhere to industry-specific regulations. The Finance Manager collaborates with internal departments, vendors and auditors to maintain robust financial procedures, analyse financial data for strategic planning and support Hickory’s operational success.


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  • CBD Convenience: Our location in the CBD offers easy access to public transport and is just a short walk away from Southern Cross Station, Southbank, South Melbourne Market, Albert Park, and more.


Accounts Payable
  • Accurately recording and processing incoming invoices for payments, ensuring timely settlements to vendors and suppliers and resolving discrepancies in invoices and payments.
  • Overseeing and managing employee expense reports, ensuring compliance with company policies and reimbursing valid expenses.
Accounts Receivable
  • Generating and issuing invoices to clients or customers accurately and promptly for goods and services rendered.
  • Reconciling customer accounts and resolving discrepancies or disputes.
    Monitoring aging reports to track outstanding receivables and taking actions to minimise overdue payments.
  • Accurately calculating and processing employee wages, deductions and benefits, ensuring timely and accurate compensation.
  • Managing employee benefits, including health insurance, bonuses and other compensations.
  • Ensuring compliance with tax laws by accurately deducting and remitting payroll taxes on time.
  • Resolving payroll discrepancies, issues, and employee queries promptly and accurately.
Bank Reconciliation
  • Balancing financial records by comparing and reconciling company bank statements with internal records.
  • Reviewing and verifying all transactions to ensure accuracy and detect discrepancies.
  • Preparing accurate financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements.
  • Identifying errors and resolving discrepancies in financial records.
  • Analysing cash flow to understand the company’s financial health and make informed decisions.
  • Effectively managing and allocating funds across various banks for optimised financial operations.
  • Oversee administration of Purchase Cards to ensure efficient and compliant usage.
Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Compiling financial data from different sources for analysis and reporting purposes.
  • Analysing differences between planned and actual financial outcomes to identify areas of improvement.
  • Compiling and submitting reports to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and industry requirements.
  • Identifying and resolving in house issues, whilst creating management reports for improved financial insights.
Systems Development and Maintenance
  • Ensuring the implementation of efficient finance processes.
  • Ensure tasks are delegated effectively to streamline operations.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or a related field is the minimum requirement. A higher degree, such as a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) or a Certified Practicing or Chartered Accountant (CPA) qualification is advantageous.
  • Training in financial software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems commonly used in the industry, such as SAP, Oracle, or QuickBooks, is beneficial.
  • Prior experience within the construction, development, or manufacturing industry is highly desirable.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in managing compliance and regulations related to tax, payroll, financial reporting, and procurement in the construction and manufacturing sector.
  • Experience in leading a team or managing financial operations, demonstrating strong leadership, and ensuring efficient financial performance within the department.
  • Proven ability to solve complex financial problems, analyse data for decision-making, and drive effective financial strategies for the company.
  • Experience in long-term financial planning, forecasting, and strategic decision-making to support the company’s growth and sustainability.


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