Doors open at Ovolo Hotels South Yarra.

9 April 2021

A place where retro-chic and pop-art collide.

The build incorporates HBS technology and sleek SYNC Industries bathroom Pods, built off-site before being transported onsite for installation. Prefabrication decreased the construction timeline and fast-tracked the project, whilst at the same time minimising material and energy waste.

For this unique project, Hickory also created a number of bespoke pieces in their manufacturing facility in Laverton North. This included an architectural concrete bookshelf in the lobby, and minibar kitchenettes that were fitted out in each room. 

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9 August 2021

The Digital Sovereignty Security Spiral

Hickory Data Centres are focused on securing the 'Strategic’ level certification to ensure its fully supporting its customers as a key part of their supply chain. 

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10 June 2021

Featured In: Australian Financial Review

Construction and Development business Hickory moves into data centres.

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