Featured in Urban: Elenberg Fraser's Vicki Karavasil discusses Market Lane's biophilic design

3 September 2019

A collaborative project between Elenberg Fraser and Hickory Group. 

As Australia moves towards a more human-centric approach to building – with exemplary residential designs from the likes of Breathe Architecture (The CommonsNightingale Anstey), ClarkeHopkinsClarke (Little Miller) and Woods Bagot (Short Lane) – it was only a matter of time before the traditional "office" model underwent a significant overhaul too. 

A collaborative project between builder Hickory and architects Elenberg Fraser has seen two environmentally and socially-aware companies realise a joint-vision in the creation of Australia's future-focused modern workplace, Market Lane. The construction of 8,500 square metres of reimagined office space is currently underway, with the concept already being recognised as a "non-office, office" due to its biophilic design approach. Hickory and Elenberg Fraser both have long track records of working on projects which have a sustainable focus, human-centric approach and heritage sensitivity, which could be one of the reasons why Market Lane is destined to become such a success. So successful that Hickory has even adopted the building as their own headquarters!

Elenberg Fraser's Vicki Karavasil had a chat to Urban.com.au about the design of Market Lane and explained to us what will retain millennial employment, the benefits of human-centric design, what changes need to be made to the traditional office model and what the future looks like for work environments across Australia.

Published on www.urban.com.au on 30 August 2019. 

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