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A Sync Bathroom Pod Project

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Rapid build prison project in New South Wales uses 120 Sync bathroom pods to fast-track construction

The expansion of Wellington Correctional Facility is part of a $3.6B investment by the NSW government into the state’s prison system. Sync was contracted to deliver 120 bathroom pods for the prison expansion, encompassing two different typologies. The bathrooms feature vinyl walls, epoxy plate flooring, and Britex stainless steel fittings and fixtures, meeting strict design and build criteria for correctional projects.

Driven by Department of Justice deadlines, the build was required to be completed within a shorter time frame than conventional construction would allow. Due to the remote location of the prison, there were also concerns about the availability of labour and local industry capacity. To address these issues, Wellington is the first prison in the state to be expanded using multiple construction methodologies, including offsite prefabrication in the form of Sync bathroom pods. Removing bathroom construction from the critical path allowed for efficiencies in safety, quality and delivery, assisting builders Hansen and Yuncken to meet strict project timelines. 

The completed project will create 400 additional beds at the facility and 220 jobs, doubling the prison’s current workforce. This project is Sync’s first prison project, and second collaboration with builders Hansen and Yuncken. 

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Location: Mudgee-Goolma Rd, Wellington NSW 2820

Hansen and Yuncken

NSW Department of Justice

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