Hickory Data Centres redefining the digital infrastructure platform starting in Melbourne, Australia.

HDC combines extensive knowledge and experience in property development and innovative construction technology to build, own and operate hyperscale data centres, powering global leaders in digital technology.

Key Factors.

Flexible, Client-first Approach

HDC recognise that client requirements vary from region to region. As such, HDC will offer flexibility with a variety of services, leveraging Hickory’s property development and construction expertise.

Build, Own and Operate

Hickory has designed its facilities to customise maintenance routines and provide the highest level of service availability, Hickory ensures schedules are closely aligned to client drivers.


Enabling maintenance regimes and operational services to be specifically designed and harmonised with individual client needs.

30 Years Experience

Hickory has forged a reputation as an innovative and dynamic company that has grown into a nationwide group of construction, structures, facades, manufacturing, fit-out and crane logistics specialists.

Shortened Ready-For-Service Lead Time

Driven by Hickory’s prefabrication HBS technology the construction cost, construction time and the volume of construction materials required will be reduced significantly whilst improving safety and build quality.

Commitment To Sustainability

HDC aims to reduce environmental impact through the use of smart cooling technologies, driven by industry changes to thermal management. HDC will source and provide renewable energy sources to achieve carbon-neutral facilities.

Made for today.
Made for tomorrow.
Made for the next generation.
Made for life.

HDC M01.

Coming Soon.

Our first site is located in the prime position of West Melbourne and offers a dedicated hyperscale facility, planned design and operation to the highest industry standards, including 100% SLA availabiliy , PCI-DSS, ISO: 27001, 9001 and 45001, SOC 2 Type II, SCEC Zone 3 or higher and Nabers efficiency rated.  Hickory are also owned and operated within Australia, meeting sovereign data centre criteria.

Furthermore, through our property development arm, we have ready access to multiple additional sites across Australia, enabling Hickory Data Centres to rapidly respond to the dynamic requirements of hyperscale clients.

Construction To Production.

Reduced Waste

Prefabrication reduces wastage onsite, as only the required materials are delivered to site ready for installation. This reduces wet concrete onsite and ensures waste is managed in a controlled factory environment. Hickory Data Centres aims to achieve zero waste to landfill through ongoing controlled operation.

Improved Safety

Hickory Data Centres establishes a comprehensive safety plan at each site and establishes a safety team led by a dedicated safety officer for ongoing operation. HBS reduces the need to work at heights, whilst the pre-installed façade also eliminates the danger of live edges.

Long-Term Partnership

Mace and Hickory’s partnership was born from a shared ethos of embedding innovation into everything we do. Mace’s extensive experience in data centre design and construction, combined with HDC’s leading team and expertise through HBS, will deliver next-generation data centres in record time.

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