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Hickory Building Systems deliver a technological alternative to the construction of medium and high-rise residential, hotel, education, aged care and hospital facilities, and remote mining and resources villages.

Hickory manufactures innovative structural building technology, which accelerates onsite and offsite construction programs by up to 50%, minimising material and energy waste, whilst maximising quality and safety.  We bring the best of automotive manufacturing technology, processes and personnel into the construction industry.

Hickory’s journey into manufacturing began with the Unitised Building (“UB”) System, a prefabricated technology created by Nonda Katsalidis, one of Australia’s leading architects. With affordability and the environment in mind, Nonda developed the UB® System as a faster, more economical and more sustainable way of building. Hickory invested heavily in developing and implementing the UB® System, exclusively utilising the technology within Australia and New Zealand.

Hickory has also developed patented technology to prefabricate high quality, project specific bathroom pods. To find out more about Hickory's Sync bathroom pods, visit the Sync website

What is the Hickory Building System?

During 2013 the team at Hickory Building Systems, together with consulting engineers and physicists set the challenge to devise a system for high-rise modular construction that would allow high-rise, super-tower developments to be built more efficiently, sustainably and safely.

The new Hickory Structural System takes traditional modular fabrication to a new level – refining the engineering in order to create a modular structure that performs better and can be built higher than any other existing modular system.

Manufacturing transportable units offsite while onsite works progress allows for a parallel track construction programme which can provide a higher quality end product significantly faster than traditional construction methods allow.

High-rise residential, hotel or healthcare construction projects are broken up into transportable units that are manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment then craned into position on site.

Is it different to modular construction?



PROCUREMENT: Inventory Controlled

MANUFACTURE: Unit Assembly

MANUFACTURE: Factory Finished

SUPPLY & INSTALL: Transported to Site

SUPPLY & INSTALL: Installed by Crane

SUPPLY & INSTALL: Finished Product

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Hickory's prefabricated systems are unlike any other modular construction product available in the Australian market. Many modular systems require developers and architects to adapt their projects to the particular modular system and are therefore quite limited in application – often used only for temporary or low cost housing and accommodation.

Hickory works with leading Architects, Developers and Engineers to build their building, not ours. We engineer and prototype our modules to suit your requirements.

Our sophisticated technology controls processes and therefore controls costs by limiting waste and increasing quality. ERP software guides each step of the project sequence by integrating internal and external management of information across the entire process, from initial design through to installation on site. 

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Hickory installs 7 storey building in 11 days


Klik by Elenberg Fraser and Hickory Building Systems is a range of buildings designed using a simple set of pre- fabricated modules achieving a variety of buildings and typologies ready to purchase.


Hickory Building
Systems Projects

Stella B17

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

DOH Initiative brings affordable residential development to growing Perth suburb

View Project

Concorde South

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

Shining example of construction excellence for regional Western Australia.

View Project

The Schaller Studio

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

Boutique hotel project for regional Victoria’s extensive new hospital precinct installed in 6 days

View Project

Port View Apartments

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

Pioneering the use of Melbourne-built UB modular technology in regional Western Australia

View Project

3 East

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

Urban retreats in the heart of Richmond, installed on site in just 11 days.

View Project

Little Hero

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

UB parallel on/off site construction reduced by six months on a previously unviable site.

View Project

Centvm Apartments

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

UB System delivers flexible floorplans and maximum light and space to modular prefabrication market

View Project

Duffy Primary School Learning Centre

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

Function and design combine on interactive primary school learning centre, which utilises a uniquely prefabricated structure

View Project

The Nicholson

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

Energy efficiency achieved through passive solar design and modularised, offsite, sustainable fabrication

View Project


– A Hickory Building Systems Project

4 intimate UB apartment projects in the heart of the Pilbara 

View Project

Pegasus Apartments

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

Staying true to Melbourne’s inner city spirit

View Project

Elaine Terminal Station

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

Power station for major regional energy hub utilises Hickory modular design 

View Project

One9 Apartments

– A Hickory Building Systems Project

9 storeys of eco-friendly, Hickory manufactured living in Melbourne’s inner fringe installed in just 5 days

View Project
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