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Hickory+ assists apartment owners to properly care for their apartments, through scheduled maintenance alerts and detailed service inspections.

Hickory+ takes the hassle out of apartment maintenance and keep your investment looking as good as new.
  • Scheduled maintenance

    Painting & Plastering

    Adjustments of fittings,
    fixtures & doors

  • Grouting, silicone & caulking
    repair or replacement

    Tile & Paver repair

    General plumbing services
    & drain maintenance

By engaging the original builders to assist with your apartment maintenance requirements, you can retain the value of your investment and guard against the costs associated with lack of proper care.

Report a problem, access your apartment owner's guide, appliance user manuals and schedule maintenance with us.

Check out Hickory+ for hundreds of tips and tricks for maintainance, repairing and cleaning your Hickory home.

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