The future of construction is being built today.

Hickory Building Systems.

This innovative construction methodology allows Hickory to deliver projects that consistently outperform on measures of efficiency, sustainability and quality.

From foundation to
final completion.

Hickory’s patented building technology delivers an innovative, technological alternative to the construction of high-rise projects.
The Hickory Building System accelerates construction programs by up to 30%, minimising material and energy waste, whilst maximising quality and safety. We blend the best of manufacturing and construction technology, processes and personnel with Hickory’s self-performance capabilities to deliver our clients a turn-key building solution.

By taking the majority of the building structure offsite, HBS is able to deliver a time efficient and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional construction.

Better. Faster.

HBS enables a parallel track construction programme, reducing
construction time by up to 50% compared with traditional concrete
and column construction methods.

Lowered Impact.

HBS dramatically reduces construction waste, noise pollution, traffic congestion and overall build time, whilst increasing public and site safety - providing better outcomes for the local community during construction.

System Capabilities.

The building process begins with an engineered concrete floor, load bearing columns, fully fitted wet areas and a building façade. Large building components are preassembled prior to delivery to site, offering exceptional structural stability, enabling fit-out to quickly progress behind the protection of the pre-attached façade.

The lighter building structure of HBS enables Hickory to build on sites that could not withstand the weight of a conventional building approach

Potential to add several levels to high-rise projects without compromising internal ceiling height due to system floor-to-floor advantages

Façade is preattached in the factory and aligns precisely when structural units are installed on site

PT beams can be integrated into the concrete floor and connected to in-situ PT beams on site

Flexible Structural unit size, scalable from small to large aspect ratio

Bathroom pod recess is incorporated into the precast slab

HBS allows freedom of scale and poses no restriction on building layouts or apartment size and configuration

Bathroom pod fully enclosed and fitted with services, lighting and wall finishes

Integrated Project Delivery

  • Streamlined Design & Engineering

    The Hickory System is a state of the art structural system that integrates the core, shear walls, bathrooms and facade of a building into a unified structure which is built ex-situ and in parallel with on-site works.

  • Architectural Freedom

    Using a series of predesigned, interchangeable componentry, the System can be scaled from medium rise to high-rise and from large to small aspect ratio as required - translating system flexibility into cost efficiency.

  • Cost Savings

    Applying the upfront design and procurement of a manufacturing model to the construction process enables accurate costing of materials whilst significantly minimising preliminary, variation and financing costs & fast-tracking IRR.

  • Sustainable

    Independent research demonstrates the Hickory System offers a more sustainable construction solution, utilising less carbon intensive materials and reducing waste, energy and water usage throughout the build process.

  • Faster Construction

    By creating a parallel construction program and eliminating the risk of weather delays, Hickory Building Systems projects can be delivered up to 50% faster than traditional construction methods allow.

  • Safe

    Because Hickory Systems structures arrive to site with finished façades, we eliminate the risk of falls and remove the need for work on the building edge, creating a safer environment for workers and the community alike.