Our Mission

Our purpose is to create better places for future communities.

Our Values

  • Facing Forward

    We act today for a better tomorrow. The choices we make today enable us to preserve tomorrow’s precious resources: time, money and our environment.

  • Raising Standards

    When we work, we don’t just follow the standard, we improve the process, enhance the method and refine the technique to find a better way.

  • Develop People

    Embracing our diversity and respecting all makes our team’s work outstanding. The best teams have the best people. To have the best people, we must help our people grow.

  • Think Customer

    We understand the purpose of our work. Considering those we collaborate with ensures we can achieve excellence for all our customers. Thinking like our customer keeps us grounded, humble and effective.

For over 30 years, we have continually invested in developing systems, people and products to advance the capabilities of the built environment. As a result, we’ve become one of the most diverse property companies in Australia, with businesses across the construction, development, manufacturing, and data centre segments. Together we are driven to create better places for future communities.

Our success is achieved through strong partnerships with clients, coupled with exemplary values and unrivalled excellence in project execution. With over 1,000 members of the Hickory family, we’ve worked hard to be at the forefront of the property industry.
From conception to completion, our documented “Hickory Way” methodology enables us to mitigate risk on high-rise projects and consistently deliver exceptional outcomes.

Action is built into our DNA. We are forward-facing, we raise standards, think like our client but most importantly, we continue to develop our people. Our quiet confidence and clear capability speaks for itself.

Leading innovation for 30 years.

We complete the whole life cycle of the industry and the buildings we create.

The quality and longevity of the products we deliver are a direct result of our holistic approach to building.

“Totally, radically changing the way things are done.” — Architect Partner

Anything less than going further ahead is going backwards

Hickory is in support of: