We are deliberately human —

"When you walk through these doors, you cease to be a graduate, a cadet, a project manager, a coordinator, or a developer. We all go beyond. At Hickory, you are a problem solver, a first-mover, a negotiator, an innovator, and a challenger."

Our People

We believe that all employees have the ability, integrity and desire to innovate and perform to the highest quality, so we offer great opportunities o help them reach their career goals.

Our employees have rewarded us with loyalty, fresh ideas and the ability to have the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

Made for you - Hickory Benefits

  • Family-Friendly Policies

    Designed to provide some peace of mind and support to our employees during this important time in their lives, we offer Paid Parental Leave and continued super for primary caregivers.

  • Employee Wellbeing

    The Hickory Help program is there for you when you need it most. Delivered by Incolink, this employee assistance program allows Hickory staff to access confidential counselling sessions

  • Work Life Balance On-site

    A 5-Day work week is a key priority for the Hickory Construction Management team – we believe this initiative has a positive impact on mental health and the personal wellbeing of our People, with measurable safety and productivity benefits.

  • Volunteering Opportunities

    Each year Hickory donates to an array of chosen charities and extends volunteering opportunities to our team to make a lasting difference in the community and ensuring a better future for all.

  • Travel Perks

    Through our partnerships, our employees enjoy access to discounted flights and hotel rates to destinations around the world, making it easier to explore new places and create unforgettable experiences whilst saving on expenses.