The Hickory Way.
Great Culture, Great Company.

Our purpose is to create better places for future communities.

A strong culture of innovation, learning and growth is achieved through unified construction professionals, talented new recruits and a visionary executive team that leads by example.

Action is built into our DNA.

Loyalty, commitment and transparency between our staff, customers and suppliers form the foundation upon which exceptional value and quality is delivered to clients. Because when everyone brings their unique skills, inventive thinking, hard work and tireless dedication to making something better, we can reshape an industry.

Our Values

  • Facing Forward

    We act today for a better tomorrow. The choices we make today enable us to preserve tomorrow’s precious resources: time, money and our environment.

  • Raising Standards

    When we work, we don’t just follow the standard, we improve the process, enhance the method and refine the technique to find a better way.

  • Develop People

    Embracing our diversity and respecting all makes our team’s work outstanding. The best teams have the best people. To have the best people, we must help our people grow.

  • Think Customer

    We understand the purpose of our work. Considering those we collaborate with ensures we can achieve excellence for all our customers. Thinking like our customer keeps us grounded, humble and effective.

Our Journey

Hickory was founded in 1991 by fourth-generation builders Michael and George Argyrou. The business has since evolved into one of Australia’s most diverse property companies.

Our Leadership Team

Our Support


We’re committed to making a lasting difference in the community and ensuring a better future for all Australians.

With a strong a­wareness of our social responsibility, and to help the good people of Hickory make an impact on the lives of others, we are committed to ongoing philanthropy. Hickory pledge time and valuable resources annually to charities and causes that make a sustainable difference to the lives of our families and the wider community.

Reconciliation Journey

Our vision for reconciliation is to contribute to an industry that acknowledges and understands the long history, deep connection, and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

For Hickory, this means that we will reflect and continue to improve every day. We strive to increase our knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and provide more opportunities to develop strong relationships and increase influence throughout our reconciliation journey.

View our Reconciliation Action Plan : REFLECT