The Hickory Way.
Great Culture, Great Company.

Our culture of innovation, learning and growth is achieved through unified construction professionals, talented new recruits and a visionary executive team that leads by example.

Action is built into our DNA.

We are forward facing, we raise standards, we are hard-working but most of all we stay grounded: our quiet confidence and clear capability speaks for itself.

Hickory’s business is founded on a commitment to delivering on promises, driven by the expertise, character and experience of our employees.

Loyalty, commitment and transparency between our staff, customers and suppliers form the foundation upon which exceptional value and quality is delivered to clients. Because when everyone brings their unique skills, inventive thinking, hard work and tireless dedication to making something better, we can reshape an industry.

Our Values

  • Facing Forward

    We value innovative thinking and welcome new ideas (no matter where they come from) that push the boundaries of what we once believed to be possible.

  • Raising Standards

    We hold our work to the highest standards of quality in the industry. And when our relentless innovation changes the game, we raise them.

  • Working Hard

    We persist. When everyone else is ready to give up, we double down because we know there’s no substitute for hard work and no feeling like a job well done.

  • Staying Grounded

    We stay grounded, humble and grateful - no matter the length of the struggle or the size of the victory. Our quiet confidence and clear capability speaks for itself.

Hickory was founded in 1991 by fourth-generation builders Michael and George Argyrou. The business has since evolved into one of Australia’s most diverse property companies.