Our Approach

Respect, camaraderie, ingenuity and empowerment are the foundations of Hickory’s philosophy.

Our Values

Hickory is renowned for its inclusive, encouraging and innovative culture which values the contribution and performance of every member of the Hickory family. Hickory is based on core values of loyalty and transparency in relationships with employees, suppliers and clients, delivering excellence in project management and construction, and an awareness of a legacy of social responsibility in the community. Respect, camaraderie, ingenuity and empowerment are the foundations of Hickory’s philosophy, recognising that uniting the strengths of talented individuals produces exceptional collective results.

Safety and Quality


At Hickory we work like a family, so nothing is more important than the wellbeing and safety of our employees, our contractors, our customers and the community.

Maximise safety, minimise harm

In 2009 the Hickory Safety System was certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and in 2011 it was certified to the Office of The Federal Safety Commission OHS Accreditation Scheme.

Our Think Act Safe program has been developed to ensure we manage our projects according to the highest standards of health and safety best practice in the construction industry.

We have a firm commitment to continuously improving our safety processes, developing strict procedures and protection systems to ensure the safe containment of materials, tools and workers on all Hickory sites. 

3 - ASNZ4801

Quality systems

The Hickory Group has developed a comprehensive Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001.

Hickory’s state of the art web based, company intranet system, The Hickory Way® Toolbox, ensures that all employees have immediate access to procedures, legislation and the most up to date standard forms that back up all Quality, Safety and Environmental procedure.

2 - ISO-90001


Environmental sustainability in construction

Our commitment to developing new processes to minimise waste and environmental impact is evident in what we continue to achieve with our innovative, prefabricated building systems:

  • construction waste reduced by up to 90%
  • thermal performance increased by over 30%
  • neighbourhood disruption, traffic and noise reduced by up to 90%
  • reduction of energy and water use across a project site, as well as a reduced carbon footprint overall

It is evident in the way we integrate environmental planning up front into every project we take on, from the energy saving and environmentally safe alternative materials we select, to the subcontractors and waste recycling contractors we appoint to each of our projects.

It is also evident in the development of our Environmental Management System that complies with AS/NZS 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems.

2 - ISO14001

Social Responsibility

Hickory is committed to making a lasting difference in the community and ensuring a better future for all Australians.

Throughout the year Hickory provides sponsorship to a host of educational, community, cultural and social causes.

Hickory is a proud supporter of OzChild, and the important work they do to provide better opportunities for disadvantaged children.  Through corporate donations, active participation in OzChild events, providing staff to upgrade facilities, and regular site fundraising activities, Hickory is helping OzChild build a brighter future for Australian children.

Hickory proudly supports:

2 - Oz Child 

18 October 2021

The 10 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies for Property and Construction

The results are in. Hickory Group are in the top 10 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies for Property and Construction. 

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