Aspire Soil Turning

Marking the occasion were ICD Property‘s Managing Director, Matt Khoo, joint-venture partner, MaxCap Group‘s Chief Investment Officer, Brae Sokolski, and Hickory Group (Aus)‘s Michael Argyrou and George Abraham. Construction is now underway on one of Melbourne’s last ‘super towers’ designed by Elenberg Fraser. We’re very pleased to be commencing work on this project during this tough economic climate, and pleased that over 1,000 jobs will be created over the project’s three-year construction period.

Excavation works for the development have unearthed a remarkable archaeological discovery, which triggered an eight-week archaeological dig by Heritage Victoria. The remains of an eighteenth-century girls’ school and thousands of artefacts that date back to the start of Melbourne’s historic settlement have been uncovered, providing a unique window into life in early Melbourne.

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