Delivering Specialised Capabilities.

We are a leader in the future of Australia’s urban development, specialising in the creation of “vertical communities” that promote, engage, and enrich community life.

End-to-end solutions; delivering self-performance

We construct buildings, rather than simply project manage the process.

We believe this specialised structure supports and promotes expertise in each of the key areas of the construction business, allowing us to leverage specialist skills and deliver exceptional value for our customers.

Employing over 1000 of the industry’s most experienced and innovative construction designers, engineers, tradespeople and professional staff, Hickory has built a reputation for exceptional self-sufficient construction services.

Self-performing of over 60% of the work on our construction projects (including structure, carpentry and facade) gives Hickory greater control over the project’s cost and schedule and minimises the significant risks associated with subcontracting the majority of construction, particularly on complex tall building projects.

Quality Systems, Quality Product.

Hickory has developed a comprehensive Quality Management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015.

The system ensures that Hickory complies with all applicable legislation and provides employees, contractors and customers with transparent processes and procedures to maintain quality standards and production values.

As a builder of several luxury projects around Australia, Hickory has an in-depth understanding of compliance management and has standardised construction processes to ensure team members follow best practice for quality, safety, and environmental management processes.

Hickory’s focus on technology has streamlined the QA process through revolutionary QA apps via our intranet system and The Hickory Way Toolbox, which outlines all QA systems, procedures, legislation, and current standard forms ensuring employees have ease of access.

Safe Projects, Safe People.

Because we work like a family, nothing is more important than the wellbeing and safety of our employees, our contractors, our customers, and the community.

We have developed strict processes and protection systems to ensure the safety of materials, tools, and all workers on all projects.

The Hickory Safety System is certified to ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System’ and the ‘Office of The Federal Safety Commission OHS Accreditation Scheme’.

Our “Made for Life” program ensures we manage our projects according to the industry’s highest standards of health and safety.