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A Hickory Construction Project

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Urban retreats in the heart of Richmond, installed on site in just 11 days.

Watch a video of the 3:East installation 

A contemporary building that responds to its urban surroundings, 3:East offers 7 levels of boutique living within close proximity to Richmond’s cultural assets and lifestyle amenities.

Designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects and inspired by Richmond’s industrial heritage, 3:East is a striking building which combines bold rectangular elements and a mix of robust and tactile materials. Carefully toned in shades of deep greys and warm whites, additional colour is provided by golden steel screening and projecting louvres, strategically positioned to enhance privacy whilst enhancing views over Richmond.


  • Comprising 57 apartments made up of 63 UB modules, the 3:East project utilizes the innovative UB System – which applies a parallel track construction programme. Whilst ground preparation and foundations were undertaken on site by Adam Wood Group, Hickory was manufacturing UB modules to completion in the factory.
  • 3:East also utilises Hickory’s Sync Building Systems bathroom pod technology, with the project’s 63 bathrooms subassembled in a separate section of Hickory’s manufacturing facility whilst the UB structural works progressed. This enabled further gains on manufacturing programme time and quality, with bathrooms fully finished, inspected and tested before installation into the modules.
  • All modules erected in 11 working days, with final internal fit out and service connections completed in just 3 months post installation. Crane was also demobilized shortly after install, meaning that during the period there was minimal disruption to neighbors and local businesses.
  • Project delivered on time and on budget (programme calculated to be 7 months shorter in total than if the project had been constructed using conventional on site methodology)
  • Upfront design resolution and accelerated construction program offered estimated cost savings of over $1 million to the developer, including decreased preliminary costs (est. $300k), reductions in variations (est. $300k) and lower financing charges and interest on loans taken to fund the project (est. $400k) than would have been possible with a conventional build.

NOTE: Since successfully delivering this project Hickory have adjusted our delivery model to now focus on high-rise projects using conventional and Hickory Building Systems construction methods. For more information on Hickory Building Systems please click here.


Location: 37-39 Bosisto St, Richmond

11 months

Bosisto Pty Ltd

Fender Katsalidis Architects

Adam Wood Group