Featured In My Community: Building up in 10 days

A Perth-First Lego-style housing project has been trialled in Success.

The six-storey building contains 77 apartments and caught the community’s attention after it was assembled in just 10 days.

Housing Minister Bill Marmion said the building method, which halves construction time, was a glimpse into the future of housing.

“The apartments go together a bit like Lego blocks and on average, 15 can be erected a day,” he said.

“This project is an exciting first for both Perth and our affordable housing strategy.

“The modular design is an effective and affordable product for higher density and urban infill projects that will make more housing available at an attractive price for future Perth home owners.”

The whole project will take 12 months to complete, from sod-turning to market.

Modules for the Adara Apartment building, located behind the Gateway Shopping Centre, were prefabricated at the Hickory Group’s Melbourne base and installed by Goodland Building Company.

Research by Curtin University found that the thermal performance of module apartments, against conventional buildings, was 30 per cent better.

Construction waste was also down 50 per cent.

Mr Marmion said the building style could become even more viable if a WA builder entered the market.

Curtin University Research Fellow Jemma Morton Green said the lack of companies to pick up the slack if something went wrong meant banks weren’t so keen just yet.

The Department of Housing plans to retain 14 of the apartments.

InMyCommunity.com.au, 29 July 2014


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