• 11.2022

Employee Feature: Pauline Duncan

Pauline Duncan, Hickory’s Head of People, brings an unparalleled HR skillset and people-centric attitude to the operations at Hickory. Since stepping into her role in February 2022, Pauline has further developed key initiatives and processes that ensure Hickory’s people feel supported, valued, and understood.

Pauline’s experience makes her an invaluable asset to the ever-expanding Hickory team. With experience in education, strategic communications, stakeholder management and human resources across a range of sectors, Pauline discovered her love for construction working at one of Australia’s largest home builders. Diving headfirst into the world of HR, Pauline was tasked with “putting the human back in human resources”, which she excelled at.

Pauline’s career has largely been defined by her philanthropic work. “It has always been a priority of mine to involve myself with charities and not-for-profit organisations in addition to my full-time position,” she explains.

She is currently the non-executive director of the Collingwood Football Club Foundation Board, working closely with The Salvation Army to tackle homelessness in Melbourne and address issues surrounding diversity and mental health.

Drawn to Hickory’s culture of authenticity and generosity, Pauline feels more like herself than ever at Hickory. “When I first learned of Hickory’s four values – Facing Forward, Raising Standards, Develop People, Think Customer – they really resonated with me and aligned with many of my own personal values,” she says. When asked to describe Hickory’s culture, Pauline immediately thinks of Friday afternoons when everyone at the Market Lane office gathers to reflect on the week just gone, share a laugh and chat with those they don’t normally get the chance to.

Pauline sees a healthy workplace as one that is rich in diversity. Currently, she remains laser focused on empowering women in the workplace and increasing the number of female employees in trades and onsite roles, a goal she is prioritising for the next 12 months and beyond.

“Working with the incredibly intelligent individuals and seeing them flourish in their roles has been a highlight of mine since starting at Hickory. I want to see more women and men recognise Hickory as an employer of choice and a workplace that wants to see each person succeed – this is, in my opinion, what sets Hickory apart from its competitors.”

She also understands that recruitment doesn’t stop after the hiring process. Making sure new starters are looked after once they come on board is not only essential for their professional wellbeing, but it assists with attracting future employees to the company. In her first six months at Hickory, Pauline revamped the existing graduate and cadet program to ensure new talent continues to grow and develop.

“We have an incredibly talented group of people here at Hickory, and I can’t wait to see the team grow and evolve even further,” Pauline shares. “It is very inspiring to be surrounded by so much drive and enthusiasm.”

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