Featured in the Bendigo Weekly: Hotel construction begins

The construction of Bendigo’s newest hotel has begun.

Leading Australian builder Hickory has been prefabricating a hotel at its Melbourne manufacturing base for delivery to Bendigo, to be operated as part of the prestigious Art Series Hotel Group.

The 128 room boutique studio hotel is part of the new Bendigo Hospital Project and has been prefabricated to completion in a Melbourne factory; it will be completed in half the time of an ordinary construction due to the use of Hickory’s unique fabricated building technology. 

The hotel will be operated by Asian Pacific Group’s Art Series Hotel Group as part of their new Studio concept, with hotel ‘modules’ arriving to Bendigo complete with fully finished facades, balconies, fixtures and fittings..

Hickory’s manufacturing facility in Melbourne’s Western suburbs has been the construction site of the majority of the building, creating unique modular construction technology, keeping jobs in Victoria without reliance on off-shore prefabricated product.

Hickory managing director Michael Argyrou, said the company’s Australian owned and fabricated structural building technology allowed accelerated on and off-site construction programs, to deliver higher quality buildings faster, in a safer and more controlled work environment.  

He sees Hickory as a solution to the pressing needs of regional Australia for both affordable accommodation and construction solutions that address labour and materials shortages.  He says the prefabricated system also delivers reduced waste, water usage, energy usage and increased material recyclability.

“We intend to make a positive contribution to Australia and the construction sector by offering a unique blend of construction and manufacturing, using an Australian automotive manufacturing workforce and local products.” Mr Argyrou said.

Unlike other modular construction products available on the Australian market, Hickory units are not made to a set size or layout. 

They can adapt to any architectural design and also have no height limitation – Hickory’s most recent modular project, a 9-storey apartment building in inner Melbourne, was installed on site in just 5 days.

Hickory is committed to providing quality construction outcomes for regional Australia – creating permanent, iconic developments with both structural and design integrity.

Bendigo Weekly, 17-Jan-2014

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