Featured in The Real Estate Conversation: Construction begins as archaeologists complete dig

Construction was able to commence on UEM Sunrise’s Conservatory development in Melbourne this week, as archeologists completed a dig at the site that uncovered more than 250,000 artefacts.

The fragments date back to 1855, and reflect the site’s former use as The Mistletoe Hotel. A gold nugget was found, as well as pipes, and Rising Sun military badges.

UEM Sunrise is one of Malaysia’s largest property developers, and has begun construction of Conservatory, the company’s second project in Melbourne.

Hickory has been appointed the builder.

The dig was conducted on the site at 9-23 McKenzie Street, Melbourne.

Jeremy Smith, Principal Archaeologist at Heritage Victoria, explained the importance of the excavation to unravelling Melbourne’s history.

“A dig of this magnitude and significance only happens once every five years or so – it is a true enlightening moment, when we see things we have never uncovered before.

"These items signify the influx of wealth coming into Melbourne during the time of European settlement and the gold rush. We are incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity to uncover these artefacts,” he said.

The 42-storey project is worth $330 million. 

Chief Operating Officer, Commercial of UEM Sunrise, Raymond Cheah, said, “It is fitting that Conservatory’s history is rooted in the opulent Gold Rush era.

Positioned next to the lush Carlton Gardens, this project epitomises luxury, park-side living."

Builder Hickory’s managing director, Michael Argyrou, said “It has been an incredible experience for the team to uncover the site’s historical significance during excavation."

"Conservatory will no doubt be an amazing place to live, even more so knowing that we are all contributing to the next chapter of the area’s already rich history,” he added.

Hickory will incorporate some of the uncovered bluestone into the building as a centrepiece, and will have purpose-built display cases in the lobby to display the finds.

The Real Estate Conversation, October 12th, 2016.  Read on The Real Estate Conversation here.

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