The Nicholson Wins

Hickory Building Systems (formerly Unitised Building Australia) and Places Victoria are proud to announce winning the prestigious UDIA Judges Award for The Nicholson.

“In awarding the Nicholson this esteemed award, the judges wish to acknowledge the developer’s work in achieving a project which successfully brings a mix of rental, privately owned and social housing to the marketplace.

“Of significance in this case is the approach to ‘place making’ being adopted with the manager taking an active interest in the social issues evident in a mixed community. This has included employing young people from within the project in maintenance and other roles on site – providing them with useful employment skills while engaging part of the community in the project so achieving an important social outcome associated with ‘pride in place’.

“The Nicholson is remarkable for the intermixing of housing types. It introduces a change in scale to the East Coburg area with a 6 to 9 level building located along a tram service.

“The construction system was innovative, utilising modular construction, the largest such project to date in Victoria. This lead to a faster construction programme with cost savings.

“This project points to the steps that Melbourne needs to take to deliver accommodation for the increasing number of small households and avoid the dislocation from jobs and services that affects many outer suburban locations.”

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