Hickory listed in Top 10 for Apartment Construction

Hickory has made this year’s Top 10 list of Australia’s largest multi-unit residential builders, compiled by the Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) and Cordell. 

The report, released 25th September, details the current state of the construction industry and notes that our specialist area of multi-unit residential construction is still a growth area, surpassing mining construction for the first time in a decade.

The apartment construction sector is also the only area of the wider industry experiencing an increase in the value of work, which emphasises its significant role supporting the broader building industry and wider national economy.

Whilst Hickory has a national presence with projects currently underway in New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia, we remain strongest in our home state of Victoria, with Hickory projects accounting for 14% of the total value of multi-unit construction in the state, a significant achievement considering the highly saturated industry in which we operate.

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